Welcome to Electronic Tenant Solutions self-training guideline. 

This document will provide you with a recommended step-by-step process for learning the Communications Application.

Application Overview: This application is a powerful suite offering professional grade communications capabilities. This App facilitates comprehensive contact/relationship management, notifications as well as a calendar and seamless proactive engagement.

Step 1 – Setting Up Preferences

Setting up the Preferences, especially the Calendar, Signature and Email Template Preferences are an important part in making sure the App reflects your individual building profile.

Step 2 – Watch the Full Training Tutorial

Comm – Full Training Video - (21:03)

After the Preferences section is populated, the next step is to watch the Full Training Video on the Communications Application. 

Step 3 – Additional Resources

Specific Feature Video Tutorials

Next, if you would like more information or greater detail on a particular section of the App, please watch the specific video tutorials by segment numbered “02-05” in the Help Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are also several Frequently Asked Questions listed under the Video Tutorials that may assist you should questions arise throughout the process. Please review the FAQ’s as needed.

Help Document

Help Document – Communications Application – This document will provide a breakdown of each section with explanations, step-by step details and in-depth screen shots depicting how to use the Application. 

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