Contact Management Clean Up

Clean up Tenant/Staff/Vendor contacts, review account requests, manage group subscriptions, and more!

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Contact Clean up:

  1. Navigate to the User List page.

2. Use the Filters on the left to narrow your list.

3. Click Bulk Update on the left. Then select Users who can be removed from the Contact List. When finished, scroll to the bottom, choose Delete User from the dropdown menu, and click Submit.

Please Note: If you use the Service Request, Preventative Maintenance and/or Inspections Apps, do not remove Staff (Designees) until Service Types, Jobs/Tasks assignments have been updated.  

4. Next, review the User List for red icons next to email addresses. This indicates that the email to that address has failed to send. There are a couple of reasons why emails will fail. Check with the User to make sure the email address is correct. Emails may also fail if the User has left the company.

5. If the Review Users button is highlighted, click to see the list of Users who have requested Tenant Center access. 

6. Click on a User in the list, review the User Details, and click Grant or Deny Access. Click on the link in the yellow banner to edit or add information to the User's profile. Clicking submit after editing the form will automatically grant access to the Tenant Center. 

IMPORTANT: If you have not set up User Templates in the Contact Management Preferences, be sure to check the Permissions & Settings in the User Details to ensure that correct access to the Tenant Center and applications has been granted. 

For more information on the Contact Management Application, view the following video tutorials.

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