After setting up the preferences for time metrics you are ready to start using the 'On Hold' feature.

The on-hold feature allows for more accurate time calculations by suspending the clock in the event that the management, maintenance, or engineering staff cannot begin working a request right away. A hold can be placed on a request, for any reason, once it has been submitted.

To put the request on-hold, navigate to the Service Request Details page and click the Start Hold button at the top of the page. Select a reason from the dropdown and enter the start date/time. The end time and note fields are not required. Hold start times can be entered in the past, if necessary.

Once a hold is activated, a red banner will show up at the top of the page. The on-hold button will show a running time for the active hold on the request. A red clock icon will also appear on the Service Request List page to indicate the request is on hold.

Once placed, the hold can be updated at any time. To view hold details or to manage the hold, click on the Total Hold Time button at the top of the service request log or the on-hold button at the top of the page. To end the hold, click stop, enter a note in the field provided and submit.

Select edit if you need to update the reason, note or start and end times. If you click delete, a pop-up box will ask you to confirm that the hold should be deleted. If deleted, any calculations for this request will not include hold times.

The Total Hold Time is shown at the top of the service request log and displays the cumulative time on hold of all completed and on-going holds. Requests can have more than one Hold, if needed. For example, the request might be placed on hold if a part needs to be ordered. A second hold may be added if billable approval is needed before completing the request.

New Time Calculations:

  1. The Staff Initial Response Time will show the time it took a staff member to take action on the request. Initial response time will take into account the Staff Hours and Holidays set in the Preferences.
  2. Staff Completed Time will be calculated once the task is closed or completed, based on your finalization status selected in the preferences. Staff Completed Time will not include time after hours, holidays or total hold time.

Mobile Task Manager:

Once a hold is placed on a request within the Maintenance Center (Note: at this time holds can only be activated within the Maintenance Center), the request will be moved to a new On Hold section in the Mobile Task Manager. Designees, assigned to the task, will be able to navigate to the section and view all requests with an active hold. When ready, designees can update the task and remove the hold from the request by checking a box, remove hold. Once a hold is removed the request will be visible in the corresponding status. Example:) A request is in Open status. A hold is activated. The request moves to the On Hold section. A designee updates the request, removes the hold and marks as In progress. The task will now show in the In Progress section within the Mobile Task Manager.


Staff Initial Response time and Staff Completed Time can also be included in Advanced Reports.

Our advanced reporting summary data now includes a calculation for total requests on hold and total percentage of requests on hold. Staff initial response time, staff completed time, total hold time, hold reasons and notes can now be pulled into the advanced reporting data set.

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